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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Wave by: Todd Strasser

What I like most about this book, is that it simply is true. Not only what horribly things are possible, but that you must stand up for yourself and who you are and what you believe in, even if that means being an outsider. So much bad happens and people say it’s not possible to do it again. Honestly, that one person could do so much harm and had to get the idea from somewhere, so what not possible again? Why is it insane? Why is this idea insane, if the others were too? If the idea creating a group of racist and more was? Do you sometimes really know what’s true and not? Isn’t there always someone we naturally trust more, even if that person is wrong? .....

When the class is learning about the KZ times, all student say it isn’t possible to create something like Hitler did again. If I tell you one more step that happens, you will know what is going to happen, because you can’t describe the book in steps. It is more ONE big step. But at the end…. Who proves them wrong? Is being an outsider better than what you commit to? COULD it happen…..


  1. I really like this book as well! I need to read it again. Great post!

  2. Yeah it is really good. Thanks, I am working on it..hahaha!!! But I LOVE your posts and blog...your so good at it..maybe me too some day!!