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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crank by:Ellan Hopkins

Hunter, Autumn, and Summer are three kids of Kristina Snow, who actually has five in total. They are all seperated by living in different homes, with different guardians ,and different last names. They share only a predisposition for addiction and a troubled feelings toward their mother who barely knows them. This so called mother was with th monster called crank and that for more tha  twenty years already. Hunter is 19 years old, he is angry and mad, barley passing college, has a job at a radiostation, and a girlfriend he loves but doesnt know how to actually, and last but not least, the  endles parties. He's struggling to understand why his mother left him. One day he meets the horror though, his rapist father and the things just get worse. Autumn lives with her single aunt and grandfather, who is a alcoholic. Untill one day, her  aunt gets married. Everything breaks out into a deseaster again. Thats when Autum starts her drinking habit....but lets not spoil everything...!!
This book is amazing. It teaches you so much and I love the way its written. Its a master piece and I fell inlove with it. It breaks my heart, but I love to read it!!   

Pure by: Terra Elan Mcvoy

Tabitha has four best friends. They all wear a ring, the so known "Purity Ring", that symbolysis the virginity until they are married pledge, that they already planned years ago! Tb just turned fifteen and she realized that the ring means so much more to her. It doesnt only symbolize her being a virgin, but who she truly is and what she really believes in. It is a sort of wake-up call everytime she looks at it. It tells her of her promise to herself and ther four friends. Untill this one very day where Tb meets a boy. Not only is she inlove, but everytime he kisses her, she falls to pieces. Her best friend, Morgan, is the opposite of being a supportive friend in this whole cycle. Tabitha is forced to keep secrets from the one person with whom she's always shared everything. When one of those secrets breaks to the surface.....well...everything breaks!

I LOVED this book, I enjoyed it so much and you can really relate to a few things, especially because I jus turned fifteen a few days ago!! Clearly, 5 stars!! :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Diary of Anne Frank

This book makes me cry. When I read how Anne thought of things as "okay" being in a attic hiding from her death, I thought to myself, "How can this little girl, my age, be so strong?" I would fall to pieces. There isnt even a word to describe it. Stting there caught in an attic. Not making any sound. Whispering to each other. Not playing. No personal belongins. No enjoyment or joy filled in the houses...everything isnt worth living.Then again..isnt anything better than death? This is one strong girl. Doing anything to survive. Fighting till the last breathe being caught and feeling pain for...what?
This is the most inspirering book I have ever read and ever will. No one, even if they tried, would know what to have done. She did everythign perfectly right and what she could have. This is what it means to be...real! I know its hard to review a book like this but if Anne would be here and see justice ruled, she would cry and run home!

I read this book atleast 7 times and still dont have enough. This is the book, that teaches you everthing in life...

Are you alone on purpose? by: Nancy Werlin

Allison Shandling is a 14-year-old girl and she has a autistic twin brother named Adam.She has spent her life being the nice,good child in her family (accommodating to her brother's idiosyncratic behavior) and help her parents. Her parents decide to be part of a religious community and she finds out that a kid in her school that is a bullie is the son of the Rabbi, named Harry.  Her brother learns everything about the Bar Mitzvah and Harry spends his time bulliying Allison.  Haary has an accident and turn even more bitter and angry and that mean person inside of him comes out even stronger. He wont be able to move his body form his waist downward, but Allison feels connected to him. So they eventually become friends, but whats behind Harry...was he "born evuil", no we doubt that....but what else makes you so anry and evil, you would give up your life.....

I am inlove with this story. Nancy Werlin hit the spot with this book, but I admire her other books as well. The more I read, the more I love Nancy Werlins books!! Ten stars!!

Go ask Alice by:Anonymous

I think this is an amazing book! Not only is it respectful, but true! So many children get pulled in with drug problems with such young age every year! I think , no, I know it is a serious problem. When you read "Go ask Alice" you can feel how it is and "know" what it is like and must feel like, although you never had any. The worsed isnt doing it, but not being able to stop. This is one amazing and stunning book about the truth and how teenagers can get in conflicts with drugs which leads to ...problems!

I suggest this book is read by everone, nomatter how olod or young. Everyone should be aware of the consiquences and it should be shared. Wouldnt you want to know what could ruine your life? So go... ask alice!