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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Night Runner by: Max Turner

Max Turner has created a wonderful and exciting novel. Involving Vampires and other Creators, but created differently. Not like Twilight or any other Vampire book, Turner has made it a twist in the story, which makes so much more than just a story. Five stars and two thumbs up!!
Zack isn’t an ordinary teenage boy. He has a weird allergy against the sun and had to be medicated since he was seven years old. His father died that day, and his mom died when he was two years old. Living at a mental ward, Charlie, his best friend, is the only one there for him. He has a plain life and can’t go out and live it his way, instead he sleeps at daytime. Everything he thought was true changes the day an old man crashes into the front entrance of the ward with motorcycle. Who is this man, and why is he looking for him? Why does his uncle, that has been disappeared his whole life, appear again after this incident? Why is he not an ordinary boy and worse, what does it mean to be a vampire? His whole life changes and with him is his best friend Charlie, and Luna, the one girl he has been seeking for….

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  1. Thank you, Chas, for recommending it and buying it for me. I enjoyed it so much. Its a unique story that has all sorts of twists and Turner created a new view of Vampires. I really enjoyed it! =)