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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Enders Game by: Orson Scott Crad

This book is amazing. Orson Scott Card made a matser piece. It is a must read for anyone, and once you finish part one you wont be able to stop from reading part two, or three,...!!
Ender Wiggin is not an ordinary child. He is only nine years old when the take his monitor away and send him to Battle Shool. Before that, he was struggling with his older brother, Peter, and fearing of leaving his beloved sister, valentine. When Ender arrives at Battle School, it is everything but normal. From the start on the adults isolate him and make everyone his enemy. Ender, seeing right throughit, makes his friends on his own, ignoring the rules. As he makes his freinds, such as Alai or Shen, more enemies are made. He was sent to multiple Armies, being tested constatnly. Besides all the crazy things going on, all this Propoganda and false information is being fed in their minds....are the Buggers really who they think they are? If yes, than why do we kill them, and why dont we try to change it...? The question stays open....

Make sure to read his new book comming out in Januray 2001, "The Lost Gate" if you enjoyed this one!! :)

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  1. Make sure to read Orson Scott Cards new book "The Lost Gate" !!